Our philosophy

Efficiency. Strength. Preparation.



Marginal gains that actually matter.

FTY coaching focuses on technique, economy of movement, race day nutrition, pacing strategies, and critical skill practice to get you from start to finish as quickly as possible.  We embrace simple, but proven concepts to help our athletes succeed.

Work. Recovery. Consistency.


Go faster, stay injury free.

Our coaching focuses on all aspects of strength to make you successful. Muscular strength to improve performance, enhance durability, and decrease injury. Aerobic strength and anaerobic power for speed on the race course. Mental strength to push to a higher level of performance.

Strong is fast.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Our training prepares you for the best possible race by focusing on both the essentials of human performance and the details that can put you ahead of the rest.

We focus not only on appropriate training, pacing, and nutrition, but also mental toughness and problem solving to help you succeed no matter what happens on the race course.